Looking for a standout way to market your Credit Union and attract new members?

Introducing the Mobile App
Designed Specifically for Credit Unions to Capture,
Qualify and Follow-up on Event Leads.

Lead2Capture is the best addition to your Credit Union’s marketing plan.



Key Features

Lack Connectivity?
No Problem.

All data is stored on-device and synced to the cloud when connectivity is restored.

Secure & Encrypted

Secure transmission, user login and management. Encrypted data collection and storage.

Flexible Lead Capture

Use as a customizable stand-alone kiosk or as a handheld in admin mode.


Plays Well with Others

Enterprise-grade architecture easily integrates with all CRM systems.

Learning Curve is a Flat Line

Intuitive setup & navigation means you already know how to use it.

Make it Your Own

Customize and brand the app for each event: trade shows, benefit fairs, conferences and more. It’s a marketing tool and a lead capture vehicle in one!

Losing Important Leads?

Up until now, a Credit Union’s marketing strategy didn’t include a formal lead capture process. Event hosts would ask Leads for their info and then scrawl down the details, hoping they got it right. Or worse, they’d just put out a pad of paper and pray attendees left their info.

As a result, Lead data was often illegible, inaccurate, and unverifiable. Privacy issues were ignored, no backup was possible, and no Lead follow-up was specified. Other than printing a pile of brochures, there was no simple method for pairing Credit Union promotions with the Lead capture process.

Capture Leads for your Credit Union Easily and Effectively

With Lead2Capture, attendees are enticed to your Credit Union booth by a branded iPad kiosk offering the chance to win a raffle. Leads effortlessly enter their personal info, product interest, membership status and follow-up preference.

Extend brand awareness far beyond the event itself. A confirmation email refreshes attendees’ memory and encourages Leads to re-engage with your Credit Union.

Unlike cumbersome paper processes, our gorgeous one-tap UI encourages to Leads enter personal info and lets Event Admins enter, verify, and follow-up on Lead info. Achieve super-efficient, verified Lead-info capture—organized by event—and a branded confirmation email sent to each Lead!


Attract and Engage Leads for your Credit Union

In Kiosk Mode, Lead2Capture displays rotating banners that may be customized to feature your credit union’s promotional offers, advertising and slogans. Plus a simple form captures basic personal info and useful extras like Membership Status, Product Interests (Checking, Loans, Mortgage) and Life Stages (College, Empty Nest, etc.).

Extend Your Brand.

All Leads receive a custom-branded, personalized confirmation email that links to your website and social media presence.

Geared for Community Credit Unions.

Event Admin can set follow-up dates behind the scenes and leave detailed notes about each Lead.

in Sync.

Lead2Capture works just as well offline so connectivity is never an issue! Automatically syncs when reconnected.


Want to run a raffle? Lead2Capture automatically creates raffle entries and randomly selects winners.

Easily Manage It All

In Handheld Mode, event organizers may create and brand events and add or manage leads. View upcoming (and past) events. Search, filter & sort events by name or date.


Brand and Configure

Attract attention to your kiosk by using banners to custom-brand each event. Configure data fields to capture only the most necessary Lead info.

Keep Track

Track your progress by comparing actual captured leads with expected.

View, Edit and Engage

View event detail and search all captured Leads. Easily add or edit data or append notes as needed.

Export leads to your favorite CRM. Lead2Capture integrates with popular email marketing systems such as Constant Contact and MailChimp and CRMs like SalesForce and Zoho.


User Management is a Breeze

Invite and manage users via Lead2Capture’s web-based admin to let them login, create and manage events.


Get Started Now!

Lead2Capture provides an easy, integral component to your credit union’s marketing strategy. Get started marketing your credit union with no upfront investment and multiple pricing tiers to fit your budget—all with ongoing updates included.



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